D. A. Turner, FRSA D. A. Turner, FRSA

The DaVinci Codex

The Da Vinci Codex: an enquiry into the nature of the artistic “genius”

Core research idea/questions:
How can AI and Human Experts work together to improve authentication of Masterworks?
What are the key components of a rules engine in the field of Art History?
What are the leading indicators of an authentic masterwork?

How your research idea innovates over existing methods/applications or brings together diverse disciplines

The authenticatation of artwork has long been dogged by controversy. The most recent example of which is the "Salvator Mundi" which continues to be debated to this day. This research project dovetail perfectly into he emerging research interests of HAI. In particular some of the most interesting themes it can help explore are:

Physics Based Visual Appearance Models
Foundation Models
AI Prototyping in Lower Volume data sets
Human Centered AI with Humans “in the loop”

Detailed technical (or general) problem solving approach
A oroof of concept will be built around a "missing" work of Leonardo Da Vinci called the Madonna of th Cherries of which there are multiple copies but no fully authenticated examples. This will be designed using the Google Design Sprint methodology. (https://www.gv.com/sprint/)

As a starting point in designing the sprint established art historical techniques such as those used in Technical Bulletins from the National Gallery (ref ref) a data set will be built to aid in developing a machine learning codex and coding a proof of concept. A GitHub repository has been established for the purpose of developing the project. It may be found at GitHub.com.

The main method and focus for the use of the grant is a Design Sprint meeting to be held at Christchurch Picture Gallery in spring 2023.

Team involved (faculty, postdocs, staff, and/or students as appropriate):

Lead Investigator: David Turner FRSA
David Turner FRSA s a Fine Artist and Computer Scientist based in Oxford, England. His relevant accomplishments include but are not limited to:

Seven years as a Startup Coach and Mentor, Mass Challenge
The Winner of the inaugural Evernote Prize at the first London Techcrunch Disrupt event held in London in 2016
Ten years as a Creative Technologist at Bloomberg, Accenture, and Nielsen Online as well as multiple startups and NGOs.
Establishing a reputation as a digital artist whose work has been shown in galleries in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Miami, Florence and London
Becoming a Fellow of the Royal Society for the advancement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce