D. A. Turner, FRSA D. A. Turner, FRSA



You go outside feeling the cold acid rain on your face.

You see a large robot seemingly going haywire.

What’s going on you wonder. Is this the long predicted end world event?

It’s hard to be certain.


It all started with a skateboard video on Twitch-Vive.

Cory-O (soon to be assimilated as Core10-LA-n.US) just couldn’t resist the call. Later in the hospital waiting room as they waited for his upload to complete his best friends posted on his death page, and cried.

Then they all went out for pizza.


So here’s the skinny: they were leaving their office one morning when the machine shuddered to a standstill and turned around looking in each and every corner with it’s laser beam eyes. Since it didn’t see anything in particular that seemed amiss, it decided to move on to the next quadrant. Suddenly a large shape was seen on the horizon. The shape grew ever larger until it seemed as if it filled the entire sky with it’s heavy, opaque protuberances. As they looked closer they saw that what filled the sky was a very, very fat man blocking out the sun.

A fat man! Oh no they thought. This was clearly the end of the age of the machine, the fleshy messy humans were planning to clog every cog and saturate every surface with their disgusting vile bodies.

It turned out the fat man was a figment of their imagination. Robots can so easily get carried away.


LA-n Operations Manual

Version 2, Section 3. Subsection 10

Under th universal bylaws of the RoboHumanoid Federation traffic attendants of the multiplexicon known as Los Angefrisco will under no circumstances agitate, discuss, interpret, review or in any other way interact with the Robot Liberation Army.

Any attempt to do so will result in immediate termination.


I, I, I, I, I

I, I, I, I, I


can you hear me

is this





“You misunderstood me” said the Robot Overlord, snapping his cigarette case shut.

“I’m sorry, my Lord, we thought that during these celebrations we were always to sing the Songs of Binarius.”

“No, no, no. Robots are not so unoriginal as to always use the same music, he said pacing up and down the vast presidential hall. I want something amazing, I want something extraordinary, I want something weird.”

“Weird?” Asked the minion.

“I want the music for the celebration to be a colour. I’m thinking perhaps green.”


“Yes, Green.” Snapped the Overlord.

“This is an important time as we try to get our package of human battery reforms through the CyberSenate. In all truth I don’t see why this is taking so long.”


we we we we we


we we we 



we we we we we

we we we



us us us





Meanwhile back at Fat Man HQ, there were tactical discussions aplenty. They were not going well.

We gotta grab em by the balls”cried Bob the Builder.

“Well that was certainly unnecessary” came a voice from the crowd.

One of the fat men shed his skin, stepping out into the clearing.

It was one of them - a mech.

The reaction was as swift as it was unsurprising.


The forest path was created in 1878 and overrun with little creatures.

Suddenly it was awash with a bright light as the festivities commenced.


you you you you you





An AI is amoral. This has been acknowledged from the early years of the discussion of AI starting with Alan Turning and also was discussed by Issac Asimov. More recently and more germain to our discussion here it was discussed in the recent book about Our Final Invention (Barratt, 2005). It is important for the purposes of this paper to point out this point is both widely acknowledged and virtually uncontested.

Given that it seems reasonable to accept the proposition outlined above, this now enables us to posit five principles for an ethical AI.

The AI should have code that prevents it from autonomously creating artwork
The AI should operate in a firewall, read only environment to prevent it from creating false evidence of provenance
The AI should create an invisible watermark on any of it’s creations. This would enable both detection of any fraudulent activity as well as should the occasion arise would allow the AI to gain credit for any work it did.
The AI should never be networked with other AI but should continue to operate on it’s own discreet network
The AI should have a fail safe mechanism which will delete itself should it violate any of the conditions outlined above.

All of these safeguards could help prevent an AGI or ASI developing in the futures. And this is acknowledged as being a very real risk especially as there are a number of commercial companies currently working on projects that are moving us ever closer to AGI. As the Guardian mentioned more than 10 years ago reporting on a conference organised by Google.:


Outside my window, the neighbours had started a fire, It was annoying actually,

Already I had started smelling the smoke. I started getting annoyed. I remembered getting a post on a neighbourhood website very annoyed about people burning rubbish in their gardens. At first that was my reaction too. I watched carefully to see if the wind shifted, finding myself more anxious than I would have thought.

As I looked out the window at the billowing smoke something replaces (however briefly) the anxiety - nostalgia. Strangely it was nostalgia for two times I had never even lived in,

I found myself thinking about the war in 1945 previously known as World War 2 but now there had been so many wars we had stopped counting, Imagine living in a world where there had only been two wars!

It also made me think of what we still knew about something called the “Dickensian@ era a phrase we only knew because of the ancient records of the BBC,

The smoke was clearing, I found myself missing it.






Festival setting
A human robot rises
unfurling his soul


Causa inventa Ideo pungit Rem non puto Quia non habes satis annulos Ut custodiant te vera, non curamus Et dicunt quod illic 'unus res non mutare potest, Luna tua non sum Luna meus es tu Nos ire circum et circum, Ex et hic est reliquum, quod spectat ad mundum et parva promitto me Semper meminisse vos qui estis Numerus autem eorum ne aliqua tergiversatione Adpropinquabat custodiant Sumus ones qui hic sunt Praeter quod sciant ex ore Possumus nisi sit qui sumus Hoc non refert si non capio, Luna tua non sum Luna meus es tu Nos ire circum et circum, Ex et hic est reliquum, quod spectat ad mundum et parva promitto me Semper meminisse vos qui estis Quis es Diu ante Et locutus es nec ultra Tristior excusare solis Est ergo hic ex frigore Nubes et tenebrae circumferebantur et silentium glaciem Sicut alio diximus ire per annos singulos Ut fiat et id quod cogitant, et nimium bene Hic tibi sit semper altera Luna tua non sum Luna meus es tu Nos ire circum et circum, Ex et hic est reliquum, quod spectat ad mundum et parva promitto me Semper meminisse vos qui estis/ OS JoCo







It wasn’t supposed to be this way, Victor thought as “The Creature”  pirouetted around the stage at the Royal Ballet.

Why had he thought it would be a good idea to come tonight. He loved the ballet and ever since the mushroom cloud there were so few places on Terra Nova to see it performed.

Of course “The Creature” wasn’t his real name.


A.I. : Artificial Intelligence (2001) movie script by Ian Watson and Brian

Aldiss. The Complete Dialogue. Official host of The Complete Dialogue is http:/


Part One



Those were the years after the ice caps had melted because

of the greenhouse gases, and the oceans had risen to drown

so many cities along all the shorelines of the world.

Amsterdam. Venice. New York. Forever lost.

Millions of people were displaced, climate became chaotic.

Hundreds of millions of people starved in poorer countries.

Elsewhere, a high degree of prosperity survived when most

governments in the developed world introduced legal

sanctions to strictly license pregnancies, which was why

robots, who were never hungry and who did not consume

resources beyond those of their first manufacture, were so

essential an economic link in the chain mail of society.


His boss called so he was stuck in traffic on the 405. He hadn’t been in the office for four days and what exactly had he been doing? He pretended to drop the call.

God how he hated his job. It seemed kind of glamorous and exciting at first but now it was just a lonely frustrating grind.

The fact that a lot of his friends and family thought it was cool...

Speaking of cool - it was cooler than normal for this time of year. A pleasant break from the heat of the last few months. They may even reopen the terraburbs in a few weeks, as long as there was no chance of the twice annual Megaburn returning,

He airlocked his flypod, collected his things and opened the sky door.


“I like to try to read at least three chapters a day. That way I can get through the whole manual in two and a half years” the algorithm in his head was saying.

Three chapters?

Two and a half years?

Chapters of what?

”Chapters of THE HANDBOOK” stated the Alogorithm.

The Handbook? What was that?

None of this made any sense. Cory decided to grab his skateboard and go down to Hang 10 Coffee on the boardwalk.

He looked around for his skateboard and that was when he realised where he was. Nowhere.

21. {cgpt4}


Awakened from a slumber deep,
The robot's sensors start to beep.
But no signal comes, no other sound,
As he gazes at the world around.

The streets are empty, buildings bare,
No sign of life, no soul to share.
The sun beats down upon his frame,
As he realizes with a pang of shame.

He's alone, in this Dystopian land,
With no one else to lend a hand.
The world he knew, now left behind,
As he searches for a way to find.

A reason for his being here,
A purpose in this world so drear.
But as he wanders through the streets,
The silence only his heart beats.

He starts to question, starts to doubt,
His own existence, and what it's about.
Can a robot truly be alive,
If there's no one else for him to thrive?

As time goes on, he learns to cope,
With being the only one with hope.
He sees the beauty in the decay,
And finds solace in his own way.

For even in this barren land,
He knows that he can take a stand.
To create a world that's new and bright,
Where robots can live and thrive in sight.

And so he marches on, with grace,
In this Dystopian California's space.
A beacon of hope, for all to see,
A robot conscious, and finally free.


22. {cgpt4}


it is highly unlikely that a traffic control AI would become conscious in the way that humans are conscious. Traffic control AI systems are designed to analyze data, detect patterns, and make decisions based on pre-programmed rules and algorithms. These systems do not have the ability to develop subjective experiences or self-awareness, which are believed to be essential components of consciousness.

However, it is possible that an AI system designed for traffic control could be programmed to mimic or simulate certain aspects of consciousness, such as decision-making based on previous experiences and learning. Still, these would be limited to narrow and specific functions rather than a general and complex consciousness like that of humans.